Barrio Fiesta ’14

Its that time of the year again, its Barrio Fiesta time! “Barrio Fiesta” is the annual celebration of Filipinos in the UK organised by the Philippine Centre. For me, its the time of year where I can eat all the Filipino foods that I like, enjoy (occasionally) sun with my family and friends and maybe see some gorgeous girls. Some of my friends even referred to it as “shopping for girlfriends”. Ok, just me then XD

DSC_5973This year’s companions.

This year however, it was destined to rain. The clouds were not looking good but we still went. Mainly because I wanna see some Filipino celebrities; actually just my bae Kathryn Bernardo. I’m a fan.

CHICHAY! #barriofiesta

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Bae singing

There were other celebrities too! Sam Milby, Jesse Mendiola, Daniel Padilla and the ever so funny Pokwang. They were a treat apart from the long wait that everyone had to endure.. in the SUN!

Syempre si Joaquin din #barriofiesta #barrio2014

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Daniel Padilla

Syempre si Joaquin din #barriofiesta #barrio2014

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Syempre si Joaquin din #barriofiesta #barrio2014

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 The food never disappoints as there were probably around 30 stalls selling (for the most part) different kinds of dishes but my all time favourite “Chicharon Bulaklak” was present everywhere. Literally #foodheaven .

DSC_5982We saw this guy and our stomachs immediately thought “devour bbq”

DSC_5993I think my parents spent most of the afternoon going for the different freebies that were available from the different marketing and product stalls in the grounds. Asians.   DSC_5996

This woman said “Eat here! ‘Cos we put flowers in our tables!” They actually had space for us so we ate at their stall. Sole reason.

DSC_6029Classic ice cream trolley carted around the Philippines in the old days by vendors. I remember my parents renting out carts like so when I was a child on my birthdays. #ThrowbackThursdaysDSC_6025The food was amaze-balls. So amaze-balls that I went back for more! “Diet” was a word not present that day!

Couple of snapshots on the day. I didn’t really had time to take a lot of pictures. We got there  midday, just in time for food and afterwards watching the stage show. DSC_6011Candid DSC_6012

Overall, we enjoyed the day all together. It was one of the best Barrio Fiesta’s that I have been to. The venue this year (and the year before) is different from the one that the event started with which I think is for the better. Its big, spacious where different events can be held. There were a volleyball pitch, a fair, entertainment and food. What more can you ask for on a family day out!

If there is one negative, it is that the event is farther away from where I live which means if you don’t leave early, you’ll probably get stuck in traffic (we didn’t, we jammed out to Disney songs in the car).

I said to myself that this year would decide if I will go to future Barrio Fiestas’. I think I will. but next year, Ill try the public transport. The journey looks horrendous.

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