Long time no post!

Hey Readers!

Its been almost 3 months now. I’ve been busy (and lazy, not gonna lie) these past few months. I’ve tried applying for different jobs, learned a thing or two and just generally enjoyed life.

It really dawned at me that I need to start working on something to get my life moving. A career or some sort. I thought I had a plan but so far, nothing has gone accordingly. It frustrates me to be honest. I look at my friends, people I know and/or look up to and get jealous for they have done something really great to se themselves up at my age (23). My generation really is in trouble, at least I am. I try and not show it or even mid it but I am worried.

Good thing this blog can keep me distracted from the big scary world out there.

I’ve set a new life goal. Be able to travel and see the world. I will try my hardest to make it come true! For now, save up. Pay a few debts and here’s hoping I get a few return calls!



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