Running Man, the Korean kind.

Never heard of it? Know of the film “Running Man” instead? You’ll be forgiven.

“Running Man”, the variety show, is one of the biggest Asian shows in Asia (duh).The concept is that they do a variety/comedy/action programme whilst showcasing the Korean culture.  Over the past 3 years, the show and its many fans have created a lot of nicknames for the programme hosts, some of which are borderline copyright infringement. It is so popular that streets and mall are closed for them.

Yes, I watch with English subtitles but that doesn’t stop the jokes or gags being translated. Spend time with the show and you’ll get why it is so good, why a whole “fandom” has been built around these characters/show.

If your interested or curious, just search for videos in youtube. Or better yet, catch up with the episodes at Kshownow where all the subs are always out first.

I do hope they visit the west soon. And also an official merchandise shop with international orders.

Fanboy, OUT!


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