My subscription addiction!

Lately, I have signed up to two different subscription services; Netflix and Spotify and haven’t looked back. How great is it that you pay a certain amount every month and you get thousands of films at your fingertips? This is how the term “binge-watching” or “netflixing” comes from and I can definitely see why. I […]

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Barrio Fiesta ’14

Its that time of the year again, its Barrio Fiesta time! “Barrio Fiesta” is the annual celebration of Filipinos in the UK organised by the Philippine Centre. For me, its the time of year where I can eat all the Filipino foods that I like, enjoy (occasionally) sun with my family and friends and maybe […]

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Long time no post!

Hey Readers! Its been almost 3 months now. I’ve been busy (and lazy, not gonna lie) these past few months. I’ve tried applying for different jobs, learned a thing or two and just generally enjoyed life. It really dawned at me that I need to start working on something to get my life moving. A […]

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