You can really see my “Amateurism”

Hello Readers!

This is just a “Throwback Thursday” from when I first bought my very first DSLR, my lovely Nikon D600. There was a lot of debates between me and friends and obviously myself on which camera I should get. And also the big question: why I should even get one? With the dawn of mobile camera smartphones and their ever continuous evolution to provide a mobile, all in one solution to our computing needs.

From then on, I’m happy I got a camera as it paid dividends when I went on a recent holiday.

Here’s an untouched image I took pretty early on.


UK, 2014

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How to become the Ultimate Hipster

a person who follows the latest trends and fashions.


Is this you?

The term is mostly used when describing a music trend or fashion trend. To become the Ultimate Hipster, you are ahead of everyone so that you can say “I listened to them before they became huge“, “Thats so last week” and others.

Well, the next big thing has already made its mark with the release of.. Gangnam Style.  Yes, the next big thing is K Pop (Korean Pop). Those catchy bars, outrageous outfits and visually stunning music videos are just a breath of fresh air from the normal Western format.

Psy – Gangnam Style (2012)

We might not be able to understand what they say and they may not be able to pronounce some English words well but their whole concept is entertaining enough for Westerners to really love it. At the moment, we only have a handful of well known K Pop songs and there doesn’t seem to be any songs in 2014 to break that barrier again but one can only hope!

Fine Bros. – Youtubers React to.. K Pop! (2013)

Fashion wise, the videos speak for themselves. Vibrant colours and always on spot for what’s in, these videos just seem to be so lavish in the wardrobe department. Of course, I’m generalising here but one can realise that the industry follows the same concept.

So go on. Go to Youtube and watch some random K pop songs you hipster.

Here are some to start you off with.

G Dragon – Crooked (2013)

Hyuna (from 4minute Girl Group) – Ice Cream (2013)

SNSD (also known as Girls Generation) – I Got A Boy (2013)

I’m pretty sure that you’ll find some songs that are to your liking. K Pop may not hit the west again the same way Gangnam Style did, so you can be a hipster for a little while longer.


Not every K Pop song is all bubbly and cute. There are also ballads, some that tackle everyday struggles and issues.

Modern Museum

Good Day Out


Scene: My sister needed to do some primary research for her class but no one to go with.

Older Brother. He basically saves the day.


Hey Guys!

I recently took a trip to the world famous Science Museum in London. Now typically I do not really go to museums not because they are boring but just because I don’t really go.

I wasn’t really expecting much but boy did I enjoy the trip! A lot of interesting exhibition and I actually took the time to read the information boards. These are photos that I took. Thinking back, I should’ve taken more but I was enjoying the exhibits.

A lot of kids and families just as fascinated with the relics as I was. I do recommend a visit if your about.


Science Museum, 2014


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What do you think?

Landscape is LifeHello Readers!

Well.. I have just changed the theme on my blog. What d’ya think?

I used the theme “Mixfolio” before but I wanted a change. I love minimalism and this theme gives me that and a bit of colour as well. I think this is definitely an upgrade.

Other small updates include more posts on my music section that is currently in need of some TLC. The header button now consists of 3 buttons; the Category button (3-lined, orange icon), the Social button (heart-shaped) and the Search button (magnifying glass). Still trying to get to grips on how they can be easily introduced to you all. I am, after all, new to this blogging business.

And as usual, you can still click on my header to go back to my post feed.

I might also post more interesting stuff that I find in the internet from time to time, mostly those that I find hilarious and worth a share.



That Look Tho.

That Look Tho.

Test shot, 2014


All of the photographs and other images in this blog are copyright and cannot be reproduced without my written permission and consent