My subscription addiction!

Lately, I have signed up to two different subscription services; Netflix and Spotify and haven’t looked back.

How great is it that you pay a certain amount every month and you get thousands of films at your fingertips? This is how the term “binge-watching” or “netflixing” comes from and I can definitely see why. I never tune into regular TV anymore and we pay for the cable kind too because who really watches what they put into the tele nowadays? Game of thrones doesn’t count because you can watch that on a pay as you go basis (NOW TV, subscription). I do however dislike the fact that there are discrepancies in the content in the different regions. USA and Europe for example. I understand that there are legal issues but seriously? Why doesn’t every party involved understand that the more current shows and movies on the service the more people pay? The meme “Shut up and take my money” comes into mind. I can only watch so many Nicholas Cage films before I get bored and cancel. Original content are great but slow in coming out. Early days.

Spotify is even better. I literally probably have about half of the modern day soundtracks in the world accessible through my cracked phone (smashed my screen *sadface) in seconds. Again only paying a certain amount every month grants me the use of this legendary service. Yes, there is the free version but the ads get you after using Spotify for about a month or two. I think they employed psychiatrists to figure out the average tolerance before you give in to paying the service! And it didn’t help that they had a promotion period too! I grew up listening to Filipino music too and I just love that it is also in Spotify! I can also indulge in my guilty pleasure of cheesy love songs and Filipino rap. Only thing missing now is a healthy selection of Kpop music! Come on KPOP!

I guess my point is I can live without cable subscription anymore and not buying tracks anymore. As things are going now, especially on Spotify, content are pushed onto the service at the same time of release or relatively soon after. The only hurdle now is the legalities of things, a kit that bundles all the streaming services together or even a service that has everything together! Entertainment in your pockets which you can continue onto the living room tele… SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Barrio Fiesta ’14

Its that time of the year again, its Barrio Fiesta time! “Barrio Fiesta” is the annual celebration of Filipinos in the UK organised by the Philippine Centre. For me, its the time of year where I can eat all the Filipino foods that I like, enjoy (occasionally) sun with my family and friends and maybe see some gorgeous girls. Some of my friends even referred to it as “shopping for girlfriends”. Ok, just me then XD

DSC_5973This year’s companions.

This year however, it was destined to rain. The clouds were not looking good but we still went. Mainly because I wanna see some Filipino celebrities; actually just my bae Kathryn Bernardo. I’m a fan.

Bae singing

There were other celebrities too! Sam Milby, Jesse Mendiola, Daniel Padilla and the ever so funny Pokwang. They were a treat apart from the long wait that everyone had to endure.. in the SUN!

Daniel Padilla



 The food never disappoints as there were probably around 30 stalls selling (for the most part) different kinds of dishes but my all time favourite “Chicharon Bulaklak” was present everywhere. Literally #foodheaven .

DSC_5982We saw this guy and our stomachs immediately thought “devour bbq”

DSC_5993I think my parents spent most of the afternoon going for the different freebies that were available from the different marketing and product stalls in the grounds. Asians.   DSC_5996

This woman said “Eat here! ‘Cos we put flowers in our tables!” They actually had space for us so we ate at their stall. Sole reason.

DSC_6029Classic ice cream trolley carted around the Philippines in the old days by vendors. I remember my parents renting out carts like so when I was a child on my birthdays. #ThrowbackThursdaysDSC_6025The food was amaze-balls. So amaze-balls that I went back for more! “Diet” was a word not present that day!

Couple of snapshots on the day. I didn’t really had time to take a lot of pictures. We got there  midday, just in time for food and afterwards watching the stage show. DSC_6011Candid DSC_6012

Overall, we enjoyed the day all together. It was one of the best Barrio Fiesta’s that I have been to. The venue this year (and the year before) is different from the one that the event started with which I think is for the better. Its big, spacious where different events can be held. There were a volleyball pitch, a fair, entertainment and food. What more can you ask for on a family day out!

If there is one negative, it is that the event is farther away from where I live which means if you don’t leave early, you’ll probably get stuck in traffic (we didn’t, we jammed out to Disney songs in the car).

I said to myself that this year would decide if I will go to future Barrio Fiestas’. I think I will. but next year, Ill try the public transport. The journey looks horrendous.

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Long time no post!

Hey Readers!

Its been almost 3 months now. I’ve been busy (and lazy, not gonna lie) these past few months. I’ve tried applying for different jobs, learned a thing or two and just generally enjoyed life.

It really dawned at me that I need to start working on something to get my life moving. A career or some sort. I thought I had a plan but so far, nothing has gone accordingly. It frustrates me to be honest. I look at my friends, people I know and/or look up to and get jealous for they have done something really great to se themselves up at my age (23). My generation really is in trouble, at least I am. I try and not show it or even mid it but I am worried.

Good thing this blog can keep me distracted from the big scary world out there.

I’ve set a new life goal. Be able to travel and see the world. I will try my hardest to make it come true! For now, save up. Pay a few debts and here’s hoping I get a few return calls!



You can really see my “Amateurism”

Hello Readers!

This is just a “Throwback Thursday” from when I first bought my very first DSLR, my lovely Nikon D600. There was a lot of debates between me and friends and obviously myself on which camera I should get. And also the big question: why I should even get one? With the dawn of mobile camera smartphones and their ever continuous evolution to provide a mobile, all in one solution to our computing needs.

From then on, I’m happy I got a camera as it paid dividends when I went on a recent holiday.

Here’s an untouched image I took pretty early on.


UK, 2014

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How to become the Ultimate Hipster

a person who follows the latest trends and fashions.


Is this you?

The term is mostly used when describing a music trend or fashion trend. To become the Ultimate Hipster, you are ahead of everyone so that you can say “I listened to them before they became huge“, “Thats so last week” and others.

Well, the next big thing has already made its mark with the release of.. Gangnam Style.  Yes, the next big thing is K Pop (Korean Pop). Those catchy bars, outrageous outfits and visually stunning music videos are just a breath of fresh air from the normal Western format.

Psy – Gangnam Style (2012)

We might not be able to understand what they say and they may not be able to pronounce some English words well but their whole concept is entertaining enough for Westerners to really love it. At the moment, we only have a handful of well known K Pop songs and there doesn’t seem to be any songs in 2014 to break that barrier again but one can only hope!

Fine Bros. – Youtubers React to.. K Pop! (2013)

Fashion wise, the videos speak for themselves. Vibrant colours and always on spot for what’s in, these videos just seem to be so lavish in the wardrobe department. Of course, I’m generalising here but one can realise that the industry follows the same concept.

So go on. Go to Youtube and watch some random K pop songs you hipster.

Here are some to start you off with.

G Dragon – Crooked (2013)

Hyuna (from 4minute Girl Group) – Ice Cream (2013)

SNSD (also known as Girls Generation) – I Got A Boy (2013)

I’m pretty sure that you’ll find some songs that are to your liking. K Pop may not hit the west again the same way Gangnam Style did, so you can be a hipster for a little while longer.


Not every K Pop song is all bubbly and cute. There are also ballads, some that tackle everyday struggles and issues.